Corentin LEURENT


J’effectue un stage de Master Ecosystèmes (UM2) d’une durée de 5 mois, encadré par Cyrille VIOLLE, Eric GARNIER et Adrien TAUDIERE, au sein de l’équipe ECOPAR. Mon stage a pour objectif d’évaluer les causes de variation interannuelle de la productivité d’écosystèmes prairiaux sur le site expérimental de La Fage (Causse du Larzac) (série temporelle de 24 ans). Dans la mesure où les variations de productivité ont lieu sans modification du nombre d’espèces dans ces écosystèmes, nous étudions une hypothèse alternative basée sur les variations de leur diversité fonctionnelle. Une étape majeure est de quantifier la part relative des différentes composantes de la diversité fonctionnelle dans la régulation de la productivité et de stabilité temporelle.

Tatiane BELONI


Katherine URBAN-MEAD


I graduated in May 2014 from Yale University with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. As an undergraduate researcher I worked with in Dr. Nancy Moran's lab on several projects characterizing the temporal and spatial colonization patterns of the honey bee microbiome. For my senior thesis in Os Schmitz's community ecology laboratory I designed and executed a large field study seeking to understand the structure and distribution of wild bee communities in New England old-field meadows, work that I will build on when I return to the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental studies as a Master's student this autumn.

I am here at CEFE as a stagiaire for 6 months with Grégoire Freschet, as part of a multilaboratory study on trade-offs in ecological microcosm research design (directed by Alexandru Milcu and Jacques Roy, ECOTRON). I am also assisting Catherine Roumet, learning a great deal about root functional traits!




I am Ph.D. student in Phylocology research group at Charles University in Prague ( My prime interest is community ecology of green algae. Algae are very interesting model organisms; they are mostly unicellular; are found in wide range of habitats and they respond to changes of environment very swiftly, because of their very short generation times. Here in CEFE I am working on trait-based biogeography of desmids (green algae) in cooperation with Cyrille Violle.