Ecologie comparative des organismes, des communautés et des écosystèmes


PhD student (2019-2022)

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I am interested in approaches for straightening the fields of ecology and evolution. My thesis focuses on assessing the roles of selection and constraints on intraspecific plant variability and on exploring eco-evolutionary feedbacks through plant-soil interactions. Using Arabidopsis thaliana as model organism and integrating experimental evolution, common garden and reciprocal transplantation experiments, the ultimate goal of my thesis is to examine the drivers underlying intraspecific plant variability.

PhD supervision :
Cyrille Violle (CEFE - Centre d'EcoIogie Fonctionnelle et Evolutive, France)
Denis Ville (LEPSE - Ecophysiologie des Plantes Sous Stress Environnementaux, France)
François Vasseur (CEFE - Centre d'EcoIogie Fonctionnelle et Evolutive, France)
Johannes F. Scheepens (Goethe University Frankfurt, Alemagne)


Przybylska, M.S., Brito, F.A., Tidon, R. (2016) Ecological insights from assessments of phenotypic plasticity in a Neotropical species of Drosophila. Journal of Thermal Biology 62, 7-14.

Przybylska, M.S., Roque, F., Tidon, R. (2014) Drosophilid Species (Diptera) in the Brazilian Savanna are Larger in the Dry Season. Annals of the Entomological Society of America 107, 994-999.