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Laureline CHABRAN

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University: Université de Montpellier 2 (UM2), Master BIODIV - Conservation de la Biodiversité

Supervisors: Sophie MONSARRAT and Ana RODRIGUES


Project: The human impact on seal populations in the islands of the Southern Seas
(volunteer internship, 2 months)

Humans have since long exploited their environment, including marine ecosystems and species. Given that this impact has occurred over a long period of time, a gradual accommodation to progressively impoverished ecosystems may result in its underestimation. The MORSE project investigates how historical data can contribute to quantifying past anthropogenic pressure on marine mammal communities, and the consequences for marine conservation and management. 

Many seal species have been overexploited for their skin and fat. At the end of 18th century, in particular, the discovery of new islands in high southern latitudes with important seal populations gave rise to a gold rush toward those archipelagos. Because many of these islands were pristine when first discovered, and this exploitation is in some cases reasonably well recorded, this provides an opportunity to understand the extent of human impacts on seal species.

The objective of this study was to review historical sources in order to infer what was the pre-exploitation distribution and abundance of seal population in the Southern Ocean islands, and hot it differs from the current levels.


Previous work

2013-2014 (2 months work contract) Project: ‘Potential of coral reef geomorphological maps for conservation’.  IRD, UR 227 Coréus, New Caledonia.

2013 (2 months traineeship) Project: ‘Human impact on seals populations in Islands of the Southern Seas’. CNRS, UMR 5175 CEFE, Montpelier. Supervisors: Ana RODRIGUES, Sophie MONSARRAT.

2012-2013 (9 months traineeship) Project: ‘Link between geomorphology, benthic habitats and species distribution in coral reefs, implication for conservation’. IRD, UR 227 Coréus, New Caledonia  -  Living ocean foundation, Global reef expedition, French Polynesia. Supervisor: Serge ANDREFOUET.

2011 (2 months traineeship) Project: ‘Ex-situ conservation programs : Can adaptation to captivity be curbed by breeding schemes?’ Biodiversity Conservation Laboratory, Department of Environment, University of the Aegean (Greece). Supervisor: Konstantinos THEODOROU.

2011 (2 months work contract) Scientific animator for the exhibition ‘A journey to the centre of the sea’. Conseil général des bouches du Rhônes, Marseille.



Andréfouët S., Bruckner A., Chabran L., Campanozzi-Tarahu J., Dempsey A.- How 42 Turbo marmoratus green snails spread in French Polynesia, 45 years after their introduction: implications for fishery management.Ocean&Coastal Management (In press).

Chabran L., Andréfouët S. - Are different levels of habitat description good surrogates of each other? An example using coral reef geomorphology (In prep).