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Yenny CORREA-CARMONA Sphingidae

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Supervisor: Dr Thibaud DECAËNS

Institutions: University of Montpellier / Entomological Group University of Antioquia (GEUA)


ProfileColombian biologist graduated from the University of Antioquia in Medellin, Colombia. My research interests are the ecology, taxonomy and biogeography of insects, especially the Sphingidae moths (hawkmoths) and the Neotropical Lepidoptera in general. I am currently enrolled in the Master 1 degree in Biodiversity, Ecology and Evolution (B2E), specialising in Functional Ecology at the University of Montpellier, France.

Internship subject: Impact of the intensification of Amazonian landscapes on the functional diversity of two families of moths (Saturniidae and Sphingidae)

Species traits of diverse communities have been shown to vary with environmental factors such as habitat fragmentation, agricultural land use and urbanization. However, the mechanisms involved in this response are poorly understood. The internship consists of completing a table of functional traits for species of Sphingidae and Saturniidae moths, and analysing the response of the functional structure of communities to the different landscape metrics that characterise the gradient of agricultural intensification of landscapes in the Amazon rainforest.


Keywords: Ecology, Entomology, Neotropical Lepidoptera, Sphingidae, Taxonomy.