Biodiversité, flux et changements globaux

Nathalie FROMIN

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I am a soil ecologist studying plant - microorganisms - soil interactions in terrestrial ecosystems in a context of global change. My research aims at understanding the response of soil microbial communities and the processes they control to plant diversity in a changing world.

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7 rue du Four Solaire

66120 Odeillo

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Brief biography

  • 1995: Forest Engineer (Ecole Nationale du Génie Rural des Eaux et des Forêts, Nancy, France)
  • 1995: Diplôme d'Etudes Approfondies in microbial ecology (Univ. Claude Bernard, Lyon, France)
  • 1998: PhD in microbial ecology (Université de Provence, Marseille, France)
  • 1999-2004: research associate and master assistant, University of Neuchâtel (Switzerland)
  • 2004-2005: research associate, Centre d'Ecologie Fonctionnelle et Evolutive (Montpellier, France)



Soil microbial ecology, biodiversity, plant-microorganism interactions, above-belowground interactions, carbon and nutrient cycling, global change, functional diversity, soil organic matter


Recent collective works:

"Les sols à l'heure du changement climatique" (Société Française d'Ecologie et Evolution, 2019)


Collective expertise on the impact of artificialization on soil diversity (in French) : Expertise collective sur les effets de l'artificialisation des sols sur la biodiversité des sols


Report State of knowledge on Soil Biodiversity (FAO of UN, 2020)


Recent and ongoing projects :

o TALVEG2: Une approche innovante pour l'aménagement et le monitoring des écosystèmes (2015-2018) Partners: société Valorhiz, INRA (coord. Alexia Stokes), CNRS (coord. Nathalie Fromin), financing FEDER - Région Occitanie. See

o MULTIVERS: Global change, plant-soil diversity a,d ecosystem multifunctionlity: the role of plant and soil organism biodiversity in soil functions (2016-2017) Grant CNRS-INSU EC2CO, coordination Grégoire Freschet (UMR CEFE).

o SoilForEurope: Predicting European forest soil biodiversity and its functioning under ongoing climate change (2017-2019). Financing ERANET BiodivERsA, coordination Stephan Hättenschwiler. see

o DIV-TROP: What biological mechanisms link biodiversity to tropical forest functioning? A tree experiment in Brazil (2018-2019) Financing LabEx Centre Médirerranéen Environnement et Biodiversité, coordination Joannes Guillemot (CIRAD - UMR Eco&Sols).

o ASSET: Assessing the Synergies and Side Effects of enhanced weathering and biochar as negative emission Technologies (2021-2022). Financing MUSE Montpellier Université d’Excellence, Coordination Alex MILCU (Ecotron Montpellier).

o BELOW : Soil Biodiversity and Ecosystem multifunctionality in Occitanie under Water constraints. Défi-clé Occitanie BIODIVOC. Coordination Grégoire Freschet (SETE Moulis) & Stephan Hättenschwiler (UMR CEFE).

o SOLALECOLE: La transition agroécologique dans les écoles : quelles perceptions, potentiels et engagements nécessaires pour un meilleur bien-être des humains et des sols ? (2021-2022) Appel à projet CO3: Co-construction des Connaissances. Coordination : Nathalie Fromin (CEFE), Pierre Ganault (association CoSciences),


Recent publications

Huys R., Poirier V., Bourget M.Y., Roumet C., Hättenschwiler S., Fromin N., Munson A.D., Freschet G. (2022) Plant litter chemistry controls coarse-textured soil carbon dynamics. Journal of Ecology

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Dupin B., Durand B., Cambecèdes J., Fromin N. (2022) Plants playing at home: Advantage of native plant seeds for ski slope revegetation in the French Pyrénées. Ecological Engineering 174: 106463.

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