Biodiversité, flux et changements globaux

Weixian ZENG

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My Chinese research area is mainly about developing molecular methods to identify and quantify the fine roots species. Based on the molecular methods, I investigate belowground biodiversity and plant-soil feedbacks in field forests.
And my research at CEFE mainly is focusing on an agricultural system. Specifically, my tasks will be to 1) quantify the impact of two earthworm functional groups (anecic and endogeic) on multiple root-related response variables, including but not limited to, root biomass, root traits, root decomposition, root mycorrhization, as well as root N allocation and 2) to test the importance of these root-related response variables on Ecotron-measured ecosystem greenhouse gases (CO2 , N2O and CH4) in an agricultural context.


Publications :

Zeng W, Xiang W, Zhou B, Lei P, Zeng Y. 2017. Measurement of belowground diversity of fine roots in subtropical forests based on a quantitative real-time PCR (qPCR) method. Plant and Soil 420: 530-552.

Zeng W, Zhou B, Lei P, Zeng Y, Liu Y, Liu C, Xiang W. 2015. A molecular method to identify species of fine roots and to predict the proportion of a species in mixed samples in subtropical forests. Frontiers in Plant Science 6:313.