Biodiversité, flux et changements globaux

Justine LAOUE

JustineResearcher in ecology, specialized in plant chemical ecology and ecophysiology


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Postdoctoral research in BIOFLUX team:

I am currently working on the BELOW project which aims to understand how soil biodiversity drives multiple ecosystem functions (greenhouse gas emissions, soil C storage, nutrient cycling) and how it is affected by changes in water availability (drought, inundation).

My postdoctoral project mainly focuses on a long-term controlled experiment conducted at the CNRS European Ecotron of Montpellier ( The aim is to test the interactive effects of functional diversity of soil fauna and increased summer drought on the functioning of a Mediterranean forest ecosystem with a total of 16 mesocosms (1m3 of soil and air volume each).

Such an experimental set-up, combined with field experimentation could allow to assess the underlying mechanisms of the interactive effects of both changing soil biodiversity and changing water availability on ecosystem functioning.

PhD research:

During my PhD, I investigated whether amplified and recurrent long-term drought (> 10 years) in a Mediterranean forest increased the physiological stress level of trees (Quercus pubescens Willd.) and led to modulation of chemical (i.e. carotenoids, chlorophylls, flavonoids, cuticular waxes) and morpho-anatomical (i.e. stomatal and trichome densities, leaf thickness, SLA) leaf traits.

Key words: 

climate change, drought, plant metabolism, ecophysiology, functional ecology, soil biodiversity


October 2020 – February 2024: PhD student in ecology: “Physico-chemical leaf defenses of Quercus pubescens in response to amplified drought: A long-term study in the Mediterranean region” (IMBE, Marseille, FRANCE).

2017-2020: Master degree in forest genomics: “Combining QTL mapping and RNA-Seq to gain insights into the genomic architecture and transcriptional control of phenolic compounds production in white spruce” (Université Laval, Québec, CANADA).

2014-2016: Master degree in “Biology and Biotechnology of Plants” (Université de Bordeaux, FRANCE).

2011-2014: Bachelor degree in “Biology of Organisms and Ecosystems” (Université de Bordeaux, FRANCE).


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Laoué, J., Gea-Izquierdo, G., Dupouyet, S., Conde, M., Fernandez, C., & Ormeño, E. (2024). Leaf morpho-anatomical adjustments in a Quercus pubescens forest after ten years of partial rain exclusion in the field. Accepted in Tree physiology.

Laoué, J., Havaux, M., Ksas, B., Tuccio, B., Lecareux, C., Fernandez, C., & Ormeño, E. (2023). Long‐term rain exclusion in a Mediterranean forest: response of physiological and physico‐chemical traits of Quercus pubescens across seasons. The Plant Journal, 116(5), 1293-1308.

Laoué, J., Fernandez C., & Ormeño E. (2022). Plant Flavonoids in Mediterranean Species: A Focus on Flavonols as Protective Metabolites under Climate Stress. Plants, 11(2), 172.

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