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David López-Idiáquez


I am a behavioural and evolutionary ecologist interested in understanding why individuals behave in the way they do and the ultimate fitness consequences and proximate mechanisms of those behaviours.  I am keen on exploring the causes that generate individual variation in behavioural traits in the animal kingdom, regardless of the target species. Further, I also have a deep interest in exploring how individuals adapt to the fluctuating environmental conditions and the fitness consequences of the different life-history strategies present under those variable conditions.

Currently, I am working in the team of Claire Doutrelant studying the role and the evolution of the multiple signaling systems in birds. We aim to that by doing experiments in the wild and by analyzing long-term datasets using the blue tit (Cyanistes caeruleus) as a model species. Further, we will also explore this topic in a broader fashion by conducting a comparative analysis.

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SCI-indexed papers:

López-Idiáquez, D., Canal, D., Calleja, I., Frade, A., Sarasola, J.H. First record of shrimp consumption by the Chimango caracara (Milvago chimango). Journal of Raptor Research. 53:436-437 (Link)

López-Idiáquez, D., Fargallo, J.A., López-Rull, I., Martínez-Padilla, J. Plumage colouration and personality in early-life: sexual differences in signalling. IBIS. 161:216-221 (Link)

López-Idiáquez, D., Vergara, P., Fargallo, J.A., Martínez-Padilla, J. Providing longer Post-fledgling dependence periods increases offspring survival at the expense of future fecundity. PLoS One. 13(9) e0203152. (Link)

​López-Arrabé, J., López-Idiáquez, D., Serrano-Davies, E., Payo, A., Badás, E.P., Espinosa, A.R., Mellado, A., Ruiz-Castellano, C., Ruiz-Raya, F., Meseguer, A., Bastianelli, G., Donoso, I., Ferraguti, M., Weisshaupt, N., Ceresa, F. PhD Dissertations Reviews in Ornithology (2017-2018 Academic Year). Ardeola. 65:69-90 (Link)

Martínez-Padilla, J*.,López-Idiáquez, D*., López-Perea, J.J., Mateo, R., Paz, A., Viñuela, J. A Negative association between bromadiolone exposure and nestling body condition in common kestrels: management implications for vole outbreaks. Pest Management Science. 73:364-370 (* Joint first authorship) (Link)

López-Idiáquez, D., Vergara, P., Fargallo, J.A., Martínez-Padilla, J. Female plumage colouration signals status to conspecifics. Animal Behaviour.121:101-106 (Link)

López-Idiáquez, D., Vergara, P., Fargallo, J.A., Martínez-Padilla, J. Old males reduce melanin-pigmented traits and increase reproductive outcome under worse environmental conditions in common kestrels. Ecology and Evolution. 6:1224-1235 (Link)

Non-peer reviewed publications

López-Idiáquez, D.The Post-fledgling dependence period. Naturalmente 21: 46-51 (Journal of the National Natural History Museum). (*In Spanish). (Link)

López-Idiáquez, D.The Dark Side of the Nestling: Darker nestlings display bolder personalities, but only if they are female. BOU Blog. (Link)

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Nicolas Courbin

NCourbinChercheur postdoctoral / Postdoctoral researcher

J'étudie les mécanismes de la répartition spatiale des grands herbivores, des grands carnivores et des oiseaux marins dans le but d'approfondir nos connaissances sur les interactions prédateur-proies (jeu spatial prédateur-proie, stratégie d'alimentation, stratégie de recherche des prédateurs, stratégie anti-prédatrice des proies) et d'améliorer les mesures de gestion et de conservation de la faune.

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Claire Dufour

​I am an ecologist and evolutionary biologist interested in the dynamic interactions between sister species and their environment. I address these processes in diverse study models such as insects, mammals, birds and reptiles.

By combining laboratory and empirical approaches in the field, I study the role that new environmental pressures such as species competition play in the evolution of ecological, morphological and behavioral traits.

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Arnaud Tognetti

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