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Publications (updated in march 2013)

My research interests focus on the impacts of environmental changes on species biology. Here is a brief outline:

During my PhD with Doyle McKey in Montpellier, I have worked on the changes induced by domestication in a poorly-studied crop, cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz). Mainly, we investigated the modifications in the ecology of germination, hybridization between wild and cultivated cassava in newly cultivated areas, the domestication syndrome in clonal crops, the genetic makeup of cultivated cassava clones in traditional agrosystems, and the ecology of the radiation of the genus Manihot in the Neotropics.

I have also investigated the patterns left by the last glacial maximum on the genetic diversity of cassava's closest wild relative in eastern Amazonia.

During my postdoctoral position, I was working with Isabelle Chuine at CEFE, Ophélie Ronce at ISEM, and Mark Kirkpatrick at the University of Texas at Austin. I was funded by a Marie Curie IOF fellowship within EU's FP7 (project TRECC). Here's the website for that project, and here's my main website. I was focussing on adaptation to climate change, and the impacts it may have on temperate tree distribution. This is a project with Isabelle Chuine and Ophélie Ronce  in Montpellier, and Mark Kirkpatrick in Austin. First, we analysed a theoretical model of demography and adaptation along an environmental gradient shifting in time, when fitness is determined by several traits, which may be correlated. Second, we strive to evaluate whether genetic adaptation of key traits may mitigate the pessimistic forecasts of temperate tree distributions in the next century, as assessed by a mechanistic species distribution model (SDM). Last, I am interested in building consensus SDMs to reduce the uncertainties due to the diverging forecasts of individual SDMs. 

Actually, I am a lecturer at University Lille 1, working in the Plant Population Evolution & Genetics lab. My research programme deals with the evolution of populations towards the edges of their distributional ranges.


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Divulgation papers

McKey D., Elias M., Pujol B., Duputié A., Delêtre M., Renard D. In press. Maintien du potentiel adaptatif chez les plantes domestiquées à propagation clonale. Leçons de gestion par les cultivateurs de manioc Amérindiens. Journal d'Agriculture Traditionnelle et de Botanique Appliquée. [en français]


Duputié, A. 2008. De la radiation dans un point chaud de biodiversité à la domestication du manioc. Université Montpellier II. 300 pp. [From the radiation of Manihot in a biodiversity hotspot to the domestication of cassava. (Mostly) in French.]