Ecologie comportementale


Research interest 


I am an ethologist/behavioral ecologist whose research revolves around sensory abilities and communication among social groups. I worked on primates, cetaceans and hippopotamuses. 

I am currently pursuing a PhD centered on exploring the chemical abilites of cetaceans. Specifically, I am delving into the olfactory, gustatory, and trigeminal perceptions of both mysticetes and odontocetes. This investigation encompasses food-related perceptions, social aspects of chemical communication and applied uses (repellants).

To achieve this, I will evaluate physiological responses (ECG, EEG, respiratory rate) in conjunction with behavioral responses to diverse stimuli. The aim is to elucidate the detectable chemicals, the extent of their perception, and their potential applications.


2023-2026 : PhD, Univ. de Montpellier & CEFE CNRS, Montpellier, France

2021-2023 : Prépa Agregation, Univ. de Rennes, France

2019-2020 : Research contract on Dolphins Vocal communication, Rennes, France

2017-2019 : Master (MSc) in Animal and Human Behavior, Univ. de Rennes, France

2014-2017 : Licence (BSc) in Biology, Ecology, Ethology, Univ. de Rennes, France


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06 44 30 85 57


  • Aurélie Célérier
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