Ecologie comparative des organismes, des communautés et des écosystèmes


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Post-doctorate researcher in Ecology and Agriculture

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Research questions

How do different facets of biodiversity affect the functioning and stability of (agro)ecosystems?

What are the roles of plant-plant interactions and functional traits in determining (agro)ecosystem functioning?

What are the drivers of the global distribution of crop species diversity ?

Can plant functional traits predict the multifunctionality of (agro)ecosystems ?

To address these questions, I assemble concepts, theories and tools from functional ecology, biogeography, agronomy and quantitative ecology. I mainly focus on cultivated ecosystems and their associated plant communities, including crop and weed species. My researches cover a range of spatio-temporal scales, from very local (e.g. plant-plant interactions) to global (e.g. global distribution of crop) and pluriannual (e.g. long-term ecosystem stability) scales.


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