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Research themes

PhD project (Supervised by Céline Teplitsky, Anne Charmantier & Luis-Miguel Chevin)

I work on the impact of global changes on phenotypic plasticity and adaptation of laying date in blue tits. How do new environmental conditions affect plasticity itself? To understand this, I study long-term monitored blue tits populations in the south of France and Corsica, and develop theoretical models.


Previously: master Projet

During my second year of master, I have worked on the impact of the skewness of phenotype distributions on natural selection and on response to this selection. I have used analytical models, simulations and empirical studies in long-term monitored bird species to assess implications of skewness in one aspect of the paradox of stasis: why directional selection is detected on some heritable traits in wild populations without leading to any observation of response to this selection?