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Bref CV

  • Postdoc, 2015 - present

CNRS CEFE UMR 5175, Montpellier, France.

Supervision: Anne Charmantier and Céline Teplitsky.

Wild quantitative genetics in Blue Tit (Cyanistes caereleus)


  • PhD, 2011 – 2015

Laboratoire Evolution et Diversité Biologique, University Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France.

Supervision : Christophe Thébaud and Borja Milá.

Speciation, environmental gradients and hybrid zones : the case of the Mascarene grey White-eye Zosterops borbonicus


Thèmes de recherche

During my PhD, I worked on the diversification of an island bird : the Mascarene Grey White-eye (Zosterops borbonicus). This species, endemic to the island of Réunion (Indian Ocean), represents an extreme case of within-island diversification. I used population genetic tools and hybrid zone theory in order to decipher the relative roles of historical, environmental and neutral factors in the emergence and maintenance of this diversity. I was particularly interested in the dynamics of the different hybrid zones which are found between each of the geographical colour form of the species.

For more information, have a look at the project webpage !

For my postdoctoral project, I am working in quantitative genetics on a long-term dataset collected in wild populations of Blue Tit (Cyanistes caereleus) in Southern France and Corsica. I aim to understand how the interplay between selection, migration and G matrix affect differentiation among populations. I am using different approaches such as multivariate QST – FST comparison and comparison of genetic (co)variances and heritabilities for various traits (morphology and life history traits) across populations experiencing contrasted environmental conditions.



                - Peer-reviewed publications

Bourgeois YX, Bertrand JA, Delahaie B, Cornuault J, Duval T, Milá B, Thébaud C. 2016. Candidate gene analysis suggests untapped genetic complexity in melanin-based pigmentation in Birds. Journal of Heredity, 107, 4: 327-335.

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Besnard G., Bertrand J.A.M., Delahaie B., Bourgeois Y.X.C., Lhuilier E., Thébaud C. (2015) Valuing museum specimens: high througput DNA sequencing on historical collections of New Guinea crowned pigeons (Goura). Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 117, 1: 71-82.

Cornuault J.*, Delahaie B.*, Bertrand J.AM., Bourgeois Y.X.C., Milá B., Heeb P., Thébaud C. (2015) Morphological and plumage colour variation in the Réunion grey white-eye (Aves: Zosterops borbonicus): assessing the role of selection. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 114 (2), 459-473.      *equal contribution

Bertrand J., Bourgeois Y., Delahaie B., Duval T., García-Jiménez R., Cornuault J., Heeb P., Milá B., Pujol B., Thébaud C. (2014) Extremely reduced dispersal and gene flow in an island bird. Heredity, 112 : 190-196.

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                - Non Peer-reviewed publications

Communier F., Delahaie B., Courmont L., Delattre J.-C., Fiquet P., Gilot F., Giraudon Q., Gonin J., Le Nevé A. (2013) « Migration prénuptiale du Phagmite aquatique Acrocephalus paludicola dans les Pyrénées-Orientales : enjeux et conservation. La Mélano, 13 : 13-19.

                - Popular science

Bertrand J., Delahaie B., Bourgeois Y., Thébaud C. (2013) Comment naissent de nouvelles espèces ? Le cas du zostérops gris de La Réunion. L’Oiseau magazine, 113 : 64-72.


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