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1919, route de Mende
34293 Montpellier 5
Tél : +33/0 4 67 61 32 91
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My principal area of research is Evolutionary genetics and evolutionary ecology. I have a broad expertise in evolutionary biology, genetics and ecology. I have been working on adaptation and mutation (15 publications), local adaptation (12), evolution of genetic systems (14), evolution of gene duplicates (5), speciation (8), genetic conflicts (4), dispersal (3), biotic interactions (8), statistics and fitness measures (4). I have been working with many empirical systems (vertebrates, insects, crustaceans, fungi, plants, helminths, bacteria), in the lab and in the field.

Currently, my scientific activity rests on three axes: first I do theoretical work (theoretical population genetics, statistics, and bioinformatics development). I am particularly interested currently on the evolution of gene expression and on fitness landscape models. Second, I run a wet lab using the small crustacean Artemia as a model system. I’m particularly interested currently on asexuality and biotic interactions. Third, I run a wet lab in microbiology (mainly on Escherichia coli but also S. cerevisiae and some Artemia symbionts and parasites). I am particularly interested currently on testing fitness landscape models.

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