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Cynthia Tedore

CynthiaTedorePostdoctoral Researcher
1919, Route de Mende, 34293 Montpellier cedex 5
+33/0 6 62 28 96 07

PhD, Duke University, USA, 2013

2013-2017   Postdoctoral Researcher, Lund Vision Group, Sweden

I am interested in the evolution of eyes, visual processing, attention, animal signaling, and aesthetic appreciation. I choose my study taxa according to which is best suited to questions I am interested in tackling. Taxa studied have ranged from jumping spiders to birds to humans. In recent years I have developed a particular interest in using mathematical modeling to test evolutionary hypotheses. I also enjoy leveraging my knowledge and skills in vision and computer programming to develop methodological solutions that can be used by others.


Peer-Reviewed Publications

Chouinard-Thuly L, Gierszewski S, Rosenthal G, Reader S, Rieucau G, Woo K, Gerlai R, Tedore C, Ingley S, Witte K (2017). Technical and conceptual considerations for using animated stimuli in studies of animal behavior. Current Zoology 63, 5-19.

Tedore C and Johnsen S (2017). Using RGB displays to portray color realistic imagery to animal eyes. Current Zoology 63, 27-34.

Tedore C and Johnsen S (2016). Disentangling the visual cues used by a jumping spider to locate its microhabitat. The Journal of Experimental Biology 219, 2396-2401.

Tedore C and Johnsen S (2015). Immunological dependence of plant-dwelling animals on the medicinal properties of their plant substrates: A preliminary test of a novel evolutionary hypothesis. Arthropod-Plant Interactions 9, 437-446.

Tedore C and Johnsen S (2015). Visual mutual assessment of size in male Lyssomanes viridis jumping spider contests. Behavioral Ecology 26, 510-518.

Tedore C and Johnsen S (2013). Pheromones exert top-down effects on visual recognition in the jumping spider Lyssomanes viridis. The Journal of Experimental Biology, 216, 1744-1756.

Tedore C and Johnsen S (2012). Weaponry, color, and contest success in the jumping spider Lyssomanes viridis. Behavioural Processes 89, 203-211.


Popular Science Publication

Clabby C and Tedore C (2013). Focus on Everything. American Scientist 101, 308-309.