Gauthier BOAGLIO

Computer Sciences Engineer - Research Assistant CEFE / CNRS

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Software Development & Architecture Engineer

Simulation Frameworks Design & Development - CEFE (CNRS) (2013)
Data Analysis Software Development - CEFE (CNRS) (2012)
Start Up - Video Game Development / SFX - Klakos (2008-2011)
Free Lance - Web & Software development (2004-2008)
Image Analysis Software Development - IGH (CNRS) (2000-2002)

Education (for short)

Licence's Degree in Arts (2004)
Master's Degree in Computer Sciences (2000)


Previous work

My main achievements since I joined the CEFE :

  • Contribution to the development of PMP (Phenology Modeling Plateform)
  • Contribution to the development of C-Fit (Cline Fitting Plateform)
  • Contribution to the development of SIP-GECC (Phenological Database System)


Work in progress

My current concerns are the development of simulators and simulation tools :
[ More specifically in the scope of Evolutionary Ecology and Epidemiology]

  • Development of specialized simulators
  • Development of a full simulation framework (EVOLAB-X1)

       This second point consists in the development of an API dedicated to simulation. This API aims to provide easy and user friendly tools for writing simulation programs (stochastic, deterministic, combined...), taking or not into account the matter of spaciality. It is intended to be as much open as possible, in terms of functionality and flexibility. Moreover, it allows to write programs using both low-level languages (C/C++), than more accessible to non-specialists ones (Cython, Python bindings). This API is entirely implemented in C, which makes it very fast and optimized, with a particular attention regarding the CPU performances.



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Tel : +33/0 4 67 61 32 15


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