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Research interests

I am a landscape ecologist investigating the role of land-use changes on landscapes and species distribution. I am interested in the role of both agriculture intensification and land abandonment, opposite trajectories often occurring concomitantly. I am working on a range of fauna taxa, from the most studied birds to the most mysterious bats or the least studied saproxylic beetles. I am also interested in linking ecological, sociological and participative approaches to develop sustainable human activities.

I am currently coordinating the international project FarmLand involving teams from France, Germany, Great Britain, Spain and Canada. The objectives of FarmLand are to: (1) disentangle the relationships between crop heterogeneity and biodiversity in seven European agricultural regions (one in Germany, four in France, one in the United Kingdom and one in Spain) and one Canadian agricultural region; (2) assess the links between crop heterogeneity and ecosystem services such as pollination and/or biological control across these regions and (3) study the diversity of farming systems, the farmers’ mental models of the ecological functioning of their farms and the researchers' mental models of biodiversity conservation in agricultural landscapes. FarmLand will promote the collective build up of acceptable recommendations for policy-makers that enhance biodiversity and ecosystem services in farmland.

For more information on the FarmLand project, please visit the FarmLand website.



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