• Yohan SASSI

    Postdoctorant / Postdoctoral researcherYohan Sassi
    Université de Montpellier
    CEFE, 3ème étage, bureau 306

    I am currently in postdoc (Labex CEMEB grant) using radar data to describe cooperative foraging strategy in griffon vultures and how this strategy is modulated by the food (i.e. carcasses) predictability.

    My PhD combined theoretical and applied research questions. For the first I was focusing on the influence of sociality on individual movement decisions and collective foraging strategies of griffon vultures. For the latter, I investigated whether those birds showed avoidance behaviour of wind turbines. To do so I relied on two type of technology: radar and GPS telemetry. PhD supervisors: Olivier Duriez et Yann Tremblay (Marbec).