Benny Borremans

11 septembre 2020, 16h00 (diffusion en visioconférence).

Disease ecology: Integrating field, lab and mathematical work.

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Mark Eric Benbow

6 novembre 2020, 16h00 (diffusion en visioconférence).

Novel Weapon Evolution and Coincidental Virulence in Environmental Pathogens: A Case Study of Mycobacteria and Buruli ulcer.

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Laura Galloway

2 octobre 2020, 16h00 (diffusion en visioconférence).

The contribution of contemporary environments & a legacy of range expansion to the evolution of plant reproduction.

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Ellen Decaestecker

16 octobre 2020, 11h30 (diffusion en visioconférence).

The role of the microbiome in eco-evo dynamics: Daphnia and its microbiome as a model.

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Enric Frago

25 septembre 2020, 11h30 (diffusion en visioconférence).

The benefits and costs of hosting facultative symbi-onts in sap-sucking insects: a meta-analysis.

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Joshua Weitz

9 octobre 2020, 16h (diffusion en visioconférence).

The Entangled Fates of Viruses and Their Microbial Hosts.

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Denis Roze

13 novembre 2020, 11h30 (diffusion en visioconférence).

Mutations, transposable elements and the evolution of recombination.

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