Séminaire CEFE : Developing integrated models for biological conservation: a case study with monarch butterflies

Vendredi 6 mars 2020 (attention, date modifiée)  -  10h00 -
Grande salle de réunion du CEFE | 1e étage, aile C


Elise Zipkin -
Department of Integrative Biology -
Michigan State University


Dr. Elise Zipkin is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Integrative Biology at Michigan State University. Her research focuses on the development of mathematical and statistical models to study the distribution and demographics of populations and communities. She works on a range of basic and applied problems and a varie-ty of taxa including insects, birds, fish, amphibians, and mammals. Dr. Zipkin will speak about her research using integrated models to predict changes in Monarch Butterfly migration patterns.

For further information, check out her website http://ezipkin.github.io.

Zipkin E.F., Inouye B.D., and Beissinger S.R. 2019. Innovations in data integration for modeling popula-tions. Ecology. 100: e02713.
Saunders, S.P., Ries, L., Oberhauser, K.S., Thogmartin, W.E. and Zipkin, E.F. (2018), Local and cross‐seasonal as-sociations of climate and land use with abundance of monarch butterflies Danaus plexippus. Ecography, 41: 278-290.
 (Seminar in English)

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