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Combinatorial ecology in the fruit fly gut microbiome 09-Sep-2019
120 Million Years of Tropical Forest Evolution 09-Sep-2019
Evolutionary implications of genetic conflicts: evolu-tion of life-cycles, antagonistic co-evolutions and population control using gene drives 09-Sep-2019
Dispersal in space and time: consequences for phenotypes, fitness, and eco-evolutionary dynamics in marine systems 02-Sep-2019
R0 centrality based control of infectious diseases in commute network of Tokyo Metropolitan area 28-Jui-2019
Louis Thaler Seminar - Human evolution 21-Jui-2019
Changement climatique et estuaires: le prix du sel 06-Jui-2019
The P-element invasion of Drosophila simulans 28-Mai-2019
Evolution of facial shape and skeletal cells 24-Mai-2019
The deceptive simplicity of using insecticide-treated nets for malaria control 17-Mai-2019
Effects of mutation and selection on gene expression 10-Mai-2019
How you look and what you eat below ground? 04-Avr-2019
Optimal immune systems 04-Avr-2019
Effects of invasions on the structure, stability and evolution of complex food webs 26-Mar-2019
Insights into malaria parasite and vector evolution from longitudinal population genomic studies 07-Mar-2019
Why do Organisms Age: Beyond Energy Trade-Offs 15-Fév-2019
A simple rule for animal foraging behavior – theoretical and experimental evidence 25-Jan-2019
Predator-prey coevolution in the bacterial world 25-Jan-2019
The ecology of infection, immunity and transmission in a wild rodent model 25-Jan-2019
Can phylogeographic approaches be used to study the within-host spread of HIV? 19-Déc-2018
The functional, developmental and adaptive base of mammalian skull and tooth morphology 19-Déc-2018
Dispersal: key to eco-evolutionary dynamics in populations and communities 07-Déc-2018
What drives historical biodiversity? 29-Nov-2018
Perspectives on the future of publishing 29-Nov-2018
The dimensions of fear: from brains to ecosystems to human mental health and human impacts 14-Nov-2018
Multicopy plasmids facilitate evolutionary innova-tion in bacteria 14-Nov-2018
Dispersal in marine ecosystems: consequences for the maintenance of biodiversity, management and conservation 05-Nov-2018
Trait-based approaches in conservation 19-Oct-2018
Linking genetic variation in disease resistance and tolerance with heterogeneity in disease spread 12-Oct-2018
La Chouette diplomate: une prédatrice stratège en négociation et paix 27-Sep-2018
A tale of two architectures: local adaptation under migration-selection balance 27-Sep-2018
Transmission networks and targeted disease control 27-Sep-2018
CONFERENCE LOUIS THALER - Quantifier les bouquets de services écosystémiques pour l’adaptation au changement global 09-Aoû-2018
Impacts of intraspecific trait variation on ecological dynamics 29-Jui-2018
Evolution on the Wing 22-Jui-2018
Rapid host-pathogen co-evolution following a severe emerging infectious outbreak 10-Jui-2018
Dispersal and the maintenance of biodiversity, ecosystem functoning, and food web structure in a changing world 29-Mai-2018
The genetic basis and evolution of seasonal coat colour change polymorphism 18-Avr-2018
The genetic history of Africa based on modern and ancient DNA SCH 18-Avr-2018
Adaptive introgression in African malaria mosquitoes 10-Avr-2018
Evolutionary rescue: Is a greater challenge always worse? 06-Avr-2018
Adaptive genomics of plant-pest interactions: Insights from the apple-aphid system in a context of domestication 30-Mar-2018
The tale of the pregnant male: from seahorse sex to global policy change 20-Mar-2018
Evolutionary genomics in extreme environments: from fish to bears 08-Mar-2018
Seabird research and conservation in South Africa 08-Mar-2018
Global change and the stability of ecosystems 26-Fév-2018
Local adaptation in Citril finches: Divergent selection, asymmetric movements, preference for familiars and other stories 05-Fév-2018
Ecological scaffolding and the evolution of multicellularity 30-Jan-2018
Deconstruction & Reconstruction of African Savannas: Large mammals as ecological linchpins 19-Jan-2018