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Evolutionary perspectives on vertebrate hard tissues 12-Jan-2018
Evolutionary Responses to Translational Challenges imposed by Horizontal Gene Transfer 11-Déc-2017
Nutcracker Man or the Swamp Thing? Reconstructing Megadont Hominin Diets 11-Déc-2017
Evolutionary and proximate mechanisms shaping host-parasite interactions 26-Nov-2017
Séminaires d'Écologie et d'Évolution de Montpellier (SEEM) 20-Nov-2017
Integrating behaviour in the conservation management of Montagu´s harriers 26-Oct-2017
Pulses Resources and the Pace-Of-Life Syndrome in Eastern Chipmunks 26-Oct-2017
Biocultural approaches to indicators of well-being and sustainability: bridging local to global scales 26-Oct-2017
When good mating systems go bad: understanding sexual mistakes 13-Oct-2017
Complex network eco-evolutionary dynamics in a disturbed world 29-Sep-2017
Local environmental knowledge enhances human adaptive capacity 29-Sep-2017
A genomic history of Aboriginal Australia 14-Sep-2017
Olfaction in megaherbivores: finding food and communicating 14-Sep-2017
Flies, microbial symbionts and their food: ecological interactions in our kitchens and gardens 15-Jui-2017
Séminaire spécial : From experimentation to predictive ecology 29-Mai-2017
De la biodiversité aux réseaux d'interactions biotiques : Pourquoi et comment porter un nouveau regard sur l'écologie des communautés microbiennes ? 24-Mai-2017
Genomics Islands in the Caribbean Sea 15-Mai-2017
CONFERENCE LOUIS THALER - Plant-animal mutualistic networks: the architecture of biodiversity 15-Mai-2017
Habitat choice: evolution and eco-evolutionary consequences 09-Mai-2017
How Evolution and Environment Shape Cancer 27-Avr-2017
Changements climatiques et interactions interspécifiques dans une communauté de vertébrés terrestres du haut-Arctique 27-Avr-2017
Bacterial endosymbionts and the evolution of host sex determination mechanisms 18-Avr-2017
Ecological consequences of phenological mismatches between pollinators and their floral resources 31-Mar-2017
Ancient DNA reveals the genomic footprints of Stone-Age Europeans 24-Mar-2017
How Cetaceans Sing 16-Mar-2017
Éléments transposables et diversité des génomes 09-Mar-2017
New phylogenetic comparative methods and their ap-plication to our understanding of phenotypic evolu-tion and diversification 28-Fév-2017
Ecological and evolutionary insights into the dynamics and control of viruses in bats 03-Fév-2017
Grammatical Structures in Animal Communication and the Evolution of Language 26-Jan-2017
Navigating Tipping Points and Transformation in Coupled Human-Ocean Systems 19-Jan-2017
Emergence of functional and regulatory novelty at the self-incompatibility locus in Arabidopsis 13-Jan-2017
Mécanismes comportementaux contrôlant la dynamique de la répartition animale 27-Déc-2016
Coadaptive diversification in feather lice: Integrating ecology and history 28-Nov-2016
Coadaptive diversification in feather lice: Integrating ecology and history 28-Nov-2016
Hook, line and extinction: Can sound science save albatrosses from fisheries? 28-Nov-2016
Maternal and early-life environmental effects in ecology, evolution and health 24-Nov-2016
Social interactions in primate genomics, life history, and evolution 09-Nov-2016
Evolutionary ecology of CRISPR-Cas 09-Nov-2016
Applied evolutionary ecology with mammals 24-Oct-2016
Understanding evolution by genome duplication: don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater 29-Sep-2016
From microscopes to dual-RNA sequencing in the host-parasite system of avian malaria 13-Jui-2016
Mutualism: What Do We Know, and Where Do We Go From Here? 23-Mai-2016
Evolutionary history of coelacanths 12-Mai-2016
Why do we age? Human disease genes and natural selection 03-Mai-2016
In search of the causes of evolution: Darwin's finches on Galapagos 02-Mai-2016
Evolution and diversity of papillomaviruses: codon usage bias and phenotypic presentation of the infection 12-Fév-2016
Comparative methods without phylogeny: Estimation of macroevolutionary rates from the fossil record 29-Jan-2016
Inférer et interpréter l’introgression avec des données génomiques 29-Jan-2016
A trait-based approach to unravel mechanisms link-ing fungi and soil aggregation 09-Nov-2015
Loups domestiques et chiens sauvages: approche bio-archéo-anthropologique des relations entre chiens et loups 09-Nov-2015