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The dimensions of fear: from brains to ecosystems to human mental health and human impacts 14-Nov-2018
Multicopy plasmids facilitate evolutionary innova-tion in bacteria 14-Nov-2018
Dispersal in marine ecosystems: consequences for the maintenance of biodiversity, management and conservation 05-Nov-2018
Trait-based approaches in conservation 19-Oct-2018
Linking genetic variation in disease resistance and tolerance with heterogeneity in disease spread 12-Oct-2018
La Chouette diplomate: une prédatrice stratège en négociation et paix 27-Sep-2018
A tale of two architectures: local adaptation under migration-selection balance 27-Sep-2018
Transmission networks and targeted disease control 27-Sep-2018
CONFERENCE LOUIS THALER - Quantifier les bouquets de services écosystémiques pour l’adaptation au changement global 09-Aoû-2018
Impacts of intraspecific trait variation on ecological dynamics 29-Jui-2018
Evolution on the Wing 22-Jui-2018
Rapid host-pathogen co-evolution following a severe emerging infectious outbreak 10-Jui-2018
Dispersal and the maintenance of biodiversity, ecosystem functoning, and food web structure in a changing world 29-Mai-2018
The genetic basis and evolution of seasonal coat colour change polymorphism 18-Avr-2018
The genetic history of Africa based on modern and ancient DNA SCH 18-Avr-2018
Adaptive introgression in African malaria mosquitoes 10-Avr-2018
Evolutionary rescue: Is a greater challenge always worse? 06-Avr-2018
Adaptive genomics of plant-pest interactions: Insights from the apple-aphid system in a context of domestication 30-Mar-2018
The tale of the pregnant male: from seahorse sex to global policy change 20-Mar-2018
Evolutionary genomics in extreme environments: from fish to bears 08-Mar-2018
Seabird research and conservation in South Africa 08-Mar-2018
Global change and the stability of ecosystems 26-Fév-2018
Local adaptation in Citril finches: Divergent selection, asymmetric movements, preference for familiars and other stories 05-Fév-2018
Ecological scaffolding and the evolution of multicellularity 30-Jan-2018
Deconstruction & Reconstruction of African Savannas: Large mammals as ecological linchpins 19-Jan-2018
Evolutionary perspectives on vertebrate hard tissues 12-Jan-2018
Evolutionary Responses to Translational Challenges imposed by Horizontal Gene Transfer 11-Déc-2017
Nutcracker Man or the Swamp Thing? Reconstructing Megadont Hominin Diets 11-Déc-2017
Evolutionary and proximate mechanisms shaping host-parasite interactions 26-Nov-2017
Séminaires d'Écologie et d'Évolution de Montpellier (SEEM) 20-Nov-2017
Integrating behaviour in the conservation management of Montagu´s harriers 26-Oct-2017
Pulses Resources and the Pace-Of-Life Syndrome in Eastern Chipmunks 26-Oct-2017
Biocultural approaches to indicators of well-being and sustainability: bridging local to global scales 26-Oct-2017
When good mating systems go bad: understanding sexual mistakes 13-Oct-2017
Complex network eco-evolutionary dynamics in a disturbed world 29-Sep-2017
Local environmental knowledge enhances human adaptive capacity 29-Sep-2017
A genomic history of Aboriginal Australia 14-Sep-2017
Olfaction in megaherbivores: finding food and communicating 14-Sep-2017
Flies, microbial symbionts and their food: ecological interactions in our kitchens and gardens 15-Jui-2017
Séminaire spécial : From experimentation to predictive ecology 29-Mai-2017
De la biodiversité aux réseaux d'interactions biotiques : Pourquoi et comment porter un nouveau regard sur l'écologie des communautés microbiennes ? 24-Mai-2017
Genomics Islands in the Caribbean Sea 15-Mai-2017
CONFERENCE LOUIS THALER - Plant-animal mutualistic networks: the architecture of biodiversity 15-Mai-2017
Habitat choice: evolution and eco-evolutionary consequences 09-Mai-2017
How Evolution and Environment Shape Cancer 27-Avr-2017
Changements climatiques et interactions interspécifiques dans une communauté de vertébrés terrestres du haut-Arctique 27-Avr-2017
Bacterial endosymbionts and the evolution of host sex determination mechanisms 18-Avr-2017
Ecological consequences of phenological mismatches between pollinators and their floral resources 31-Mar-2017
Ancient DNA reveals the genomic footprints of Stone-Age Europeans 24-Mar-2017