Séminaire CEFE : Integrating individual movements into evolutionary ecology: fitness, dispersal and seasonal migration

Jeudi 21 novembre 2019 – 13h30
Grande salle de réunion du CEFE | 1e étage, aile C

Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Trondheim) & University of Aberdeen

Understanding evolutionary dynamics, and associated population dynamic responses to en-vironmental change, requires knowledge of the forms and magnitudes of genetic and envi-ronmental variation in fitness and associated selection on key life-history traits. It also re-quires understanding how genetic variation can arise and be maintained or eroded through combinations of drift, selection and gene flow resulting from dispersal. Yet, such effects have rarely been jointly quantified, or related to spatio-temporal population dynamics, in wild populations experiencing natural genetic and environmental variation. I will present recent analyses of multi-year data from free-living populations of song sparrows and European shags that start to integrate effects of movements, in the form of dispersal and reversible seasonal migration, into empirical understanding of joint ecological and evolutionary

(Seminar in English)

Contact au CEFE :  Céline Teplitsky