Séminaire CEFE : Biodiversity conservation in the Mediterranean Sea; be-yond MPAs and beyond “marine”

Lundi 11 février 11h,

grande salle de réunion

Sylvaine Giakoumi
ECOMERS, CNRS - Université Nice Sophia Antipolis, France
CEED, University of Queensland, Australia

(talk in English)

Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) are the main tool for the conservation and recovery of marine ecosystems. There are different types of MPAs with different regulation levels; which MPAs work better? I will present the results of a recent meta-analysis on MPA ecological effectiveness in the Mediterranean Sea.  But Marine Pro-tected (from what) Areas? Are MPAs effective against global stressors such as biological invasions? I will present you the main findings of my project "PAVIS: Assessing the relationships between marine protected areas and invasive species" http://ecomers.unice.fr/index.php/research/en-cours/87-pavis-assessing-the-relationships-between-marine-protected-areas-and-invasive-species. What about managing land-based threats to marine biodiversity and ecosystems? Integrated conservation planning and action prioritization across terrestrial, freshwater, and marine realms can help addressing land- and river-based threats (and their propagation to the marine environment) in an efficient way.   I will present you some of the work we are doing in Working Group 4 of project "MarCons: Advancing marine conservation in the European and contiguous seas"  http://www.marcons-cost.eu/


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