Interactions Biotiques

Biotic Interactions

The team aims at:

Analysing the functional mecanisms involved in the encounter between partners in biotic interactions

Understanding the origin of these mecanisms and their ecological and evolutionary implications/consequences


Study systems

- pollination mutualisms

- host-parasite interactions

- within and among species interactions

Study objects 

- signals emitted in the context of mediation among individuals (volatile compounds, cuticular compounds, visual traits)

- signal perception

- signal manipulation

- variation of these signals within and among species


- functional approach: proximal factors involved in signal emission and their detection

- ecological approach: direct effects of environmental factors on the synthesis and the emission of the signals and on their perception by receptor individuals

- evolutionary approach: micro- and macro-evolutionary factors shaping mediation between individulas

Pluridisciplinary methodologies

- chemical ecology

- behavioural ecology

- insect neuro-physiology

- pollination biology

- population genetics

- phylogeography

- phylogenetics

Fundamental and operational research (impact of global change, evaluation and conservation of biodiversity, human health)