Mathieu UHL

PhD Student with Pierre-André Crochet.

Mathias LAIZÉ

En thèse avec Pierre-André Crochet sur les conséquences de l'hybridation et les bases de l'isolement reproducteur chez les Lézards Podarcis.


PXL 20210925 140613962

PhD student

Supervised by Mathieu Joron and Anne-Geneviève Bagnères-Urbany

Campus du CNRS
1919, route de Mende
34293 Montpellier 5

+33 6 69 34 25 63

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Research interest

My PhD focuses on phenotypic variation and genomic bases of the caracters involved in diversification and adaptation in alpine butterflies (genus Coenonympha). In parallel of this work, I’m interested in taxonomy and biogeography of Western Palearctic reptiles, amphibians and birds and I’m part of field studies aiming to asses the role of vagrancy in establishmentof new migration routes in Siberian songbirds.


PhD student with Patrik Nosil.


PhD student in the Tit team working with Celine Teplitsk.