Génétique et Ecologie Evolutive


Evolutionary Genetics and Ecology Group

Our research is primarily focused on evolutionary genetics and evolutionary ecology. We are interested in natural and sexual selection, evolution of life-history traits, evolution of mating and genetic systems, phylogeography, speciation and hybridization, genetic, mutational, and phenotypic variation (including phenotypics plasticity), and the interface between population genetics and community ecology.

These research topics have implications for the conservation of biodiversity, adaptation to global change, and biological invasions. 

We work on a diversity of model species, and have developed strong expertise in long-term studies of natural populations, quantitative genetics, theoretical and molecular population genetics, controled experiments in the laboratory, experimental evolution and statistics for evolutionary biology.


Field sites

image6  Aigues mortes remparts 

 image12  image33


Model species

image1  artemia

Image1  Heliconius20butterflies20Plate2001


Ongoing grants

Our research is supported by grants from the ANR and ERC.


The team in Nov 2014


From high to low, Left to right:  

Thomas Aubier - Christoph Haag - Thomas Lenormand - Elsa Noel -  Stephanie Bedhomme - Mathieu Joron - Christophe de Franceschi - Virginie Demyrier - Pascal Marrot
Frederic Fyon - Celine Reisser - Philippe Jarne -Tim Janicke - Guilherme Dias - Menad Beddek
Gregory Mollot - Odrade Nougué - Fabien Laroche - Roula Zahab - Patricia Sourrouille - Marta Szulkin
Noemie Harmand - Luis-Miguel Chevin - Patric David - Pierre-André Crochet - Anne Charmantier


The Team in July 2012


From high to low, Left to right:  

Violette Sarda -

Ivan Martinossi - François Ciavatti - Philippe Jarne - Adeline Segard - Elsa Noel - Tim Janicke

Nicolas Rode - Anne Charmantier - Odrade Nougué - Fabien Laroche - Thomas Lenormand - Roula Zahab - ...
 Patric David - Luis-Miguel Chevin - Romain Gallet - Patricia Sourrouille - Christoph Haag - Pierre-André Crochet