Movement, Abundance, Distribution


Panorama equipe

Our goal is to understand the processes that explain the temporal and spatial dynamics of biodiversity at different scales, from local to global, and to understand their implications for conservation.

Our research is based on 3 axes:

  • The study of landscape dynamics in a context of global change, particularly changes in community composition and land use;

  • The study of processes that control the dynamics of communities and landscapes, including the role of predation and herbivory;   

  • The study of the spatial patterns of large-scale biodiversity (macroecology), the mechanisms underlying them, and the implications for land-use planning for conservation.


Our work focuses on temperate, Mediterranean and tropical ecosystems in Europe, Africa, and North America. Our study models include plants, amphibians, birds, and mammals.

Keywords: landscape ecology, biodiversity, ecology of fear, macroecology, top-down and bottom-up controls, conservation