Biodiversity and Conservation


Our departement aims at understanding and predicting the dynamic of ecosystems and biodiversity in relation to human activities. To address questions on the management and the conservation of species and ecosystems, we favor interfaces between population dynamics, community ecology, evolutionary ecology and social and human sciences. To conduct our research, we rely on long-term monitoring programs, mathematical and statistical modelling and field experimentation. The department has 5 research teams:

- Biostatistics and population biology (BBP, Roger Pradel)

- Landscape and biodiversity dynamics (DPB, Simon Chamaillé-Jammes)

- Socio-ecological systems dynamics (DSSE, Perrine Gauthier)

- Anthropised Systems Ecology (ESA, Jérôme Cortet)

- Vertebrate ecology and biogeography (EBV, Claude Miaud)

Keywords: participatory approaches, biogeography, population biology, restoration ecology, genetics and adaptation, adaptive management, human-nature interactions, environmental philosophy, socio-ecological systems.

This department is headed by Olivier Gimenez.