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The CEFE is currently the largest French research center in Ecology and Evolutionary Ecology. Our Mission: perform independent, fundamental scientific research on the dynamics of biodiversity, planetary environmental change, and sustainable development. The links between society and ecology is a theme of increasing importance in oour research.

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Seminars of ecology and evolution of Montpellier

  • Hanna Kokko

    2 juillet 2021, 11h30 (diffusion en visioconférence). Good reasons to live shorter lives

  • Rachel Germain

    25 juin 2021, 16h00 (diffusion en visioconférence). Matters of scale in the ecology and evolution of biodiversity

Roger PRADEL - Currently supervised Ph.D. projects

Article Index

Current Ph.D. students (due defense year)

Lorena Mansilla (2019) : Demography of social animal species / Démographie des espèces animales sociales. U. Montpellier

Sébastien Roques (2020) : Threshold effect in the triggering of biological phenomena / Effet de seuil dans le déclenchement des phénomènes biologiques —reproduction, migration. U. Toulouse

Annabelle Vidal (2020) : Suburban populations of the endemic Cuban lizard, : How do they persist? / Populations suburbaines d’un lézard endémique de Cuba, Anolis homolechis: comment se maintiennent-elles ? U. des Antilles

Frédéric Letourneux Letourneux (2021) : Impact of recent hunting regulation changes on survival and mortality mechanisms of the greater snow goose / Étude sur l'impact de changements de règlements de chasse sur la dynamique de population et la démographie de la grande oie des neiges. U. Laval, Québec, Canada