François VASSEUR


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I am interested in the diversity of adaptive strategies in plants. My work mainly focuses on the ecological causes of the maintenance of phenotypic variability at the intraspecific level.

Taking advantage on the one hand of high-throughput phenotyping facilities, and on the other hand of the extensive genetic resources available in model and crop species, I aim at:

- caracterizing the functional trade-offs that shape evolutionary adaptation (economy of resources, growth-defense, allometry) both between and within species

- evaluating the genetic bases of these trade-offs (QTL, GWAS) and their evolution (molecular signatures of selection, genomic, population genetics)

- examining how growth, survival and reproductionvary along these trade-offs depending on the environmental conditions



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Cyrille VIOLLE

altDirecteur de recherche CNRS

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A l’interface entre écologie fonctionnelle et écologie des communautés, je cherche à comprendre les causes de variation de la biodiversité, aussi bien à l’échelle locale que continentale, et l’effet de changements de la biodiversité sur la dynamique et le fonctionnement des écosystèmes.

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