Julien Renoult

Chargé de Recherche CNRS - CNRS Research Scientist

I am a  visual ecologist and evolutionary biologist interested in the evolution of organic communication systems. My main interest lies in the role of animal perception as a selective agent of communicative traits

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Last update: January 11th 2017


Section 26 CNRS - Brain, Behavior & Cognition

email1: jurenoult[at]gmail[dot]com

email2: julien[dot]renoult[at]cefe[dot]cnrs[dot]fr




1919 route de Mende

34293 Montpellier 5



Research areas

- evolutionary & computational aesthetics (aesthetic theory of efficient processing applied to artworks, plants and animals)

- processing bias theory (sparse coding, efficient categorization)

- models of animal vision (colour vision, pattern recognition)

- linking sensory stimulation to preferences

- sexual selection (quantification of perceptual exploitation in the evolution of sexual signals)

- computer vision - deep neural networks


Studied models

- Primates (human, mandrills)

- Dragonflies (from French Guiana)

- Birds, fruit, flowers

- Artworks (physical and numeric) 


Ongoing research projects



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