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The CEFE is currently the largest French research center in Ecology and Evolutionary Ecology. Our Mission: perform independent, fundamental scientific research on the dynamics of biodiversity, planetary environmental change, and sustainable development. The links between society and ecology is a theme of increasing importance in oour research.

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Seminars of ecology and evolution of Montpellier

  • Meredith Cenzer

    7 mai 2021, 16h00 (diffusion en visioconférence). Maladaptation in a changing world

  • Sutirth Dey

    16 avril 2021, 11h30 (diffusion en visioconférence). Size matters: Population size and adaptation in bacteria.

Stuart Auld

29 mai, 11h30 (diffusion en visioconférence). Le titre sera précisé ultérieurement.

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John R. Pannell

5 juin, 11h30 (diffusion en visioconférence). The games plants play: selection on traits that enhance male function

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Anna Lindholm

15 Mai 2020, 11h30 (diffusion en visioconférence).

Evolution and dynamics of a natural gene drive sys-tem in house mice, the t haplotype.

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C. Brandon Ogbunu

4 Septembre 2020, 16h00 (diffusion en visioconférence).

Indirect transmission in models of infectious disease: an exploration from hepatitis C virus to SARS-CoV-2.

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