Ecologie comparative des organismes, des communautés et des écosystèmes




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I am interested in the evolutionary ecology of plant-animal interactions and the impact of biodiversity on global change (and vice-versa) –with the overarching purpose of addressing global ecological challenges that threaten nature and society. Currently, I am an postdoctoral researcher at CEFE (CNRS, France; working with A. Baselga and C. Violle).


2016–2018. Postdoctoral researcher at Centre for Functional Ecology and Evolution (CEFE, CNRS, France).

2015. Invited researcher. Santiago de Compostela University, Spain.

2011–2014. Postdoctoral researcher. Stanford University, USA.


2010. Ph.D. University of Santiago de Compostela, Summa cum laude. Doctor Europaeous mention.

2006. M.Sc. Environment and Natural Resources. Santiago de Compostela University.

2004. B.Sc. Honors. Santiago de Compostela University.

PEER REVIEWED PUBLICATIONS (*students advised by me)

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